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This report was written to build support for a viable option at a time when this community is sorely in need of consensus. It is not intended to be a criticism of anyone involved in the process thus far. Rather, it is an attempt to change the conversation from talking about each other to talking about the district’s educational future. This high school construction project should be cause for community celebration. Instead, it has become one of the most divisive issues this community has ever faced.

The readers of this report are invited to draw their own conclusions as to whether the proposed one large high school building or the continued use of the existing two high school buildings (with total renovation) best meet the future educational needs of the district. This report should serve as a platform for a constructive dialogue between the school board and the community it
serves. With all due respect to assertions made otherwise, this type of community-building and effective dialogue has simply not yet occurred.

The Sensible Solution – Presentation to SCASD on 012207 

The Sensible Solution – Community Information Packet (Includes Letter of Endorsement)

The Sensible Solution - Letter of Endorsement

The Sensible Solution – Main Document 

Appendix 1: SCASD Documents and Discussion

Appendix 2: Demographics Study

Appendix 3: The Modern Delivery of Education

Appendix 4: Design Description, Schematics, Cost Estimation

Appendix 5: Observations and Suggestions

Illustration 1: Sensible Solution Site Plan

Illustration 2: Sensible Solution North Building Plan

Illustration 3: Sensible Solution South Building Plan

Conceptual Pedestrian Bridge